New Delhi Reloaded!

New Delhi Reloaded!

8th July 2022, we saw the opening of our biggest store yet. Our New Delhi store, now relocated to the beloved and iconic Priya Market in Vasant Vihar, is a complete departure from all our previous spaces. However, it retains core Superkicks values combined with our strong Indian roots, for a completely unique experience.

Designed by Delhi-based architectural and interior design firm, Joint Studio, the Superkicks New Delhi store is roughly 2400 sq. ft in carpet area, with the ground floor and basement section combined. By virtue of this, it undoubtedly is the biggest and most grand Superkicks store yet. With the Delhi store, we’ve moved away from our brand language that you’ve seen across our previous stores in Mumbai, Bangalore as well as the old Delhi store. This new store has additional hints of colours and has shifted from the monochromatic colour scheme of black, white and grey. The dominant colour being the shade of Terracotta. Our brand identity contains geometric shapes and other visual elements. These are still being carried forward in this new store via floor fixtures and multipurpose wall fixtures, which are familiar items that hark back to the identity of Superkicks. 

The storefront is the first feeler you get for our store and gives you a glimpse into the unique experience you will receive inside. It represents our brand language with its use of a grid-like pattern and very upright look, accented by the lighting that runs underneath, elevating the space tenfold in the evenings at night.

The ground floor is where you will see most of the action in terms of retail and a dedicated space, primarily for products. One of the key elements is our sneaker wall that you have to take a few steps to walk up to, which we’ve always paid attention to in all our stores. Additionally, we have digital integration on both floors through high-resolution screens as well as a very unique tube system. It’s a throwback to older days, where in local Indian markets, shoe stores always had their stock rooms on an upper level and the products would get passed down to the ground floor via a two person system.

We’ve always been known as this very low-key, almost underground sneaker store since our inception. Our brand has always been perceived as very raw and authentic; very much a “people’s choice” brand. We’ve always been very inclusive in all our endeavours and aim to push boundaries and experiment all the time. The basement of the Delhi store represents all these values. A basement space is not a preferred area within the retail industry as an additional floor, however we took it upon ourselves as a challenge to give this area a unique vibe and add to the retail side of things as a very different experience. It’s almost a throwback to the days where you really had to scour and hunt for experiences or stores like these; adding an “if you know, you know” sort of value.

The launch party of the store was an absolute movie. No, nearly quite literally a movie. Or more so, the premiere of one. The party started before even entering the store, where a walkway arch featuring pop culture themed artworks in Superkicks style led the guests towards a glamorous photo-op, red carpet style. 

The ground floor was the first stage of the party, where we served delicious popcorn, courtesy of 4700BC and fresh iced tea from Brewhouse Tea Brewing Co as well as cold beer from Bira 91. Following that was a speech from our founder, Sangeet Paryani with some incredible announcements; the opening of our Hyderabad store real soon, the launch of the Sneaker Freaker magazine, Superkicks x Sneaker Freaker exclusive tees, a first for any Indian brand and the launch of limited edition designer toys from international toymaker Super Plastic

Soon after, the countdown on the large overhead screen went red and announced that ‘The Basement’ was now open. The crowd rushed down to have a first look at our massive community and retail space one level under the ground floor. This is where the party really took off, with Secular Chai playing an unforgettable set and food and drinks were served, courtesy of Burgerama and Stranger & Sons while the guests danced away and revelled in the super cool vibe of the basement.